“Last October 2021, the Nayong Pilipino Foundation (NPF) collaborated with the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA) to co-organize a design charrette through the 7th PALA National Convention. 

Since earlier this year the two organizations have been in talks to partner up for an online consultation. However, as NPF had to recalibrate its planned projects, this endeavor was pushed back until PALA presented this opportunity. This collaboration was finalized when PALA named the Nayong Pilipino Urban Forest Project (NPUFP) Head LAr. Hannah Cruz as the workshop facilitator. 

With the theme of “Productive Landscapes through Preservation, Protection, and Enhancement” the NPUFP team began organizing the workshop with the aim of reimagining the futures of the NPF Park through design and planning. Around 17 participants were invited to produce designs and provide their input in the Development Guidelines that the NPUFP team has been working on.

Officially titled NA/MI: National Convention 2021, it served as an online avenue that intensified the awareness for the preservation of natural resources, while re-learning the importance of protecting vital ecological systems, and advocating environmental technologies to enhance stewardship. The participants were immersed in one full day of webinars and online workshops.”