Project Pagsibol

Project Pagsibol aims to produce preliminary research on natural and cultural heritage. The research also evaluates  past and ongoing initiatives conducted by private organizations and public offices, and are related to NPF’s four research interests: (1) Philippine Natural and Cultural Heritage;   (2) Sustainable Heritage Tourism and Ecotourism; (3) Tourism Governance; and (4) Cultural and Creative Industries. These reports  aim to identify and evaluate methods and practices under the said research interests. 

This will allow the NPF Research Institute to identify best practices and to recommend their replication in future projects; and conversely, to recommend the discontinuation of less effective and unsustainable methods and practices. 

Project Pagsibol fulfills NPF’s long unrealized research mandate and contribute to the social learning and discourse of the role of cultural heritage for national and local development.

Pagsibol Report consists of five (5) knowledge products, namely: Bataan and War Heritage: Community Awareness and Participation in World War II Related Programs; The Place of Text in the Tourist Experience: Review of Texts in World War II Monuments and Shrines as Interpretive Tools; Wellbeing and Greenspace Aesthetics in Urban Parks – A Preliminary Study; The Loboc Children’s Choir: A Case Study on the Promotion of the Intangible Musical Heritage of Loboc, Bohol as Part of the Visitor Experience; and The Last Kawit Irasan: Pressures and Prospects for a Cultural and Educational Tourism Program Towards Heritage Conservation; Click on”Pagsibol Report” image below to view the synopsis of the knowledge products.

Pagsibol Reports Conservation Study is composed of six (6) knowledge products, namely: Sustainable Use of Heritage Sites Used for Tourism Purposes; Natural and Human-Related Threats to Cultural Tourism Sites in the Philippines; The Baclayon Church and the Utilization of Religious Heritage for Tourism; Opportunities and Issues in the Interpretation and Safeguarding of Bataan’s WWII Markers and Monuments; Callao Cave Eco and Cultural Heritage Tourism Site; and Assessing Tourism Significance of Heritage Sites; Click on”Pagsibol Report Conservation Study” image below to view the synopsis of the knowledge products.