Unravelling the Museo ng Nayong Pilipino Project

Unthread explores the role of textiles and accessories in community life, concentrating on those that are worn for various occasions, rites of passage and liminalities, indicators of status, expressions of local creativity, place wisdom, and biocultural heritage. Read more

Scoping Resources on Textiles and Personal Ornaments

Studying the clothing textile and body ornaments, through its facets of composition, method, and types of production, use, and function, and consumption will aid in a better understanding of the wearer’s cultural identity. Read more

Unthread: Patterns from Interwoven Philippine Communities

With every thread woven, the weavers and wearers carry the histories and stories of different Philippine communities. Read more

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In photo: Filipinas weaving cloth (1907-1916), University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries.