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The Heritage Space Program was designed as a series of program offerings for the Cultural Park and Creative Hub at the NPF Property located at the New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City in Parañaque City. Because of its proximity to the Las PiñasParañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area (LPPCHEA), the site is distinct for its high cultural, historical, heritage and eco-tourism values. The NPF Cultural Park and Creative Hub was intended to be a place for learning about our natural and cultural heritage and a venue for promoting eco-tourism.

The original activities slated for 2020 to 2021 included curated site activation projects for collective civic engagement and the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to rethink our plans and find new opportunities to engage the public. As we navigate the new normal, we continue to generate meaningful interactions and creative partnerships. We shall engage audiences in digital platforms.  This direction is supported by the proposed “Better Normal for the Workplace, Communities and Public Spaces Act of 2020” under the section on Management of Cultural and Heritage Spaces.:

Digital platforms shall be used to consolidate resources and cultural forms in public spaces, to create an archive or oral histories, visual ethnographies, philosophical discourse, that shall be made available to the public for virtual appreciation. Online promotion of cultural programs, performances, exhibitions, and enhancement of existing public arts and monuments shall be highly encouraged.

The act shall galvanize all digital efforts of NPF under the Heritage Space Program, in keeping with the spirit of innovation and creativity. The organization shall continue to be responsive to stakeholders by staging curatorial projects online.

Even before the pandemic, we already envisioned the future park to be more than just a physical space. The site is not a mere rigid infrastructure or property but shall serve as a platform. We envisioned a place for experiencing and engaging with our heritage stories. As a civic space, the park shall serve as a platform for enlivening the stories of our Filipino roots, routes, and contemporary emergence. With all these, the concept of nayon has indeed gone beyond the romanticized notion of village life represented in a theme park and now signifies a community of social networks beyond the limits of geographical boundaries who all maintain affective ties to a place. 

The Heritage Space program provides platforms for heritage interpretation activities and establishes multi-sectoral linkages in the arts and culture sector and creative industries.

The NPF Virtual Museum Project is part of the Heritage Space Program. The project will consist of digital exhibitions of the different artifacts with the intention of going beyond the standard flat images and short captions. This will be achieved through different multimedia outputs, such as videos, three-dimensional imaging, social media integration, and community-centered content generation. The last two are important in creating a dialogue and co-production between NPF, the indigenous communities represented, and the public. 

Our future cultural park will include a museum that will house the NPF permanent collection that has over 2,500 artifacts from the different indigenous peoples of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The NPF collection is diverse and varied, ranging from intricate beaded jewelry to striking weaponry for hunting and warfare to ritualistic artifacts. It also includes musical instruments, vessels, funerary objects, and textiles. 

The NPF Umpukan sa Nayon Project is also under the Heritage Space Program. Each iteration of Umpukan enlivens conversations about activities under the Heritage Space Program. It was designed as a series of multi-sectoral consultations for the development of programs for the future NPF Cultural Park and Creative Hub. Through the Umpukan sa Nayon Project, the Nayong Pilipino Foundation was able to foster multi-sectoral partnerships and expand its network. The conversations in iterations of Umpukan sa Nayon complement the knowledge development activities of the Research Institute, and provides inputs for the Cultural Leadership Institute.

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