The Dunong Nayong Pilipino Podcast project aims to highlight the initiatives of the Nayong Pilipino Foundation Programs. In these conversations, we listen to thought leaders, partners, and discipline specialists in order to mainstream natural and cultural heritage and promote cultural and sustainable tourism.

Dunong is under the Heritage Space, one of the three Programs birthed from a series of institutional reforms of the NPF Board of Trustees since 2020.

Episode 1: Importance of Urban Parks

This episode is in partnership with the DENR-ERDB Urban Ecosystems Research Division. Invited is the Section Chief of the Urban Parks and Recreational Areas Research and Development Section.

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Episode 2: Woven Heritage

The Nayong Pilipino Foundation – Research Institute launched a Weaving Summit in October 2020. This episode talks about the synergy among the creative industry’s indigenous communities, modern fashion, and sustainable initiatives that create the Woven Heritage of the Filipino identity. Moderating the discussion is Kara Garilao, Program Head of the Research Institute, with a representative from HABI, NPF’s partner for this event. The NPF invited Malot Ingel from the National Museum of the Philippines in Vigan.

Episode 3: What is Heritage Interpretation

The Nayong Pilipino Foundation has invited Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks and Lean A. Aldea of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and Museum Guide at the NHCP Museo ni Emilio Aguinaldo to share their experiences respectively on third-person interpretation and first-person interpretation in this conversation sponsored by the Nayong Pilipino Foundation Cultural Leadership Institute.

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Episode 4: LŪTÒ: Slow Food

The Philippines is known for its rich culinary heritage. This episode is a dive into food systems in the Philippines and its relationship to tourism. The discussion will concentrate on the concept of Slow Food, which encompasses cultural and natural heritage conservation, community development, environmental protection, and responsible consumption.

This session shall introduce slow food and explore the opportunities for its application in relation to sustainable tourism practices with guests Ige Ramos and Vera Villocido.

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Episode 5: A Nayon for Healing

A special episode co-created by the NPF Heritage Space Program that talks about the potential of the NPF Property in Entertainment City, Parañaque City as a healing forest.

“A Nayon for Healing” is an effort aligned with the UN Decade of Restoration, officially launched in 2021, a wide continuum of activities that contribute to protecting intact ecosystems and repairing degraded ecosystems. We also align with Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN General Assembly. By 2029, NPF shall be an active contributor to making cities more sustainable.

Listen to some of the people behind the Urban Forest Project of the Heritage Space Program who will talk about why it is important for Nayong Pilipino to be a good steward of the environment while participating in the nation’s fight against COVID-19.

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Episode 6: MakaNayon

Co-created by the NPF Cultural Leadership Institute (CLI), this episode talks about the #MakaNayon Program geared towards the goal to build the capacities in the cultural and creative industries to prepare its stakeholders for leadership roles in cultural heritage protection and sustainable tourism development.

Listen to some of the people behind the MakaNayon Program of the Cultural Leadership Institute who will talk about this initiative and the practical applications of Philippine cultural knowledge.

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