MakaNayon Leadership Course

The MakaNayon Leadership Course is an 8-week formation training/seminar which explores the meaning and practice of a cultural leader in the Philippines. The name of the course is also the vision of the project, which is to create cultural workers that think, act, and live in favor of their community and country. Through the lessons and activities, the aim is to build a community of cultural workers that will have the ability to act in favor of the nayon.

MakaNayon Modules
The course has five (5) modules which sum up the values of being MakaNayon: MakaTao, MakaKalikasan, MakaBayan, MakaDiwa, and MaPanagutan. Each module will be covered for one to two weeks. From a rights-based to development approach, this course seeks to strengthen the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of duty-bearers to fulfill their mandate in empowering communities through the value and practical applications of shared heritage.

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