(a) To promote, encourage, espouse and/or initiate research and development projects on social sciences and humanities and related fields;

(b) To formulate a comprehensive social welfare program for the upliftment, improvement and amelioration of the social and economic conditions of the unfortunate destitute members of our society with the end in view of availing maximum utilization of their potentialities in the solution of the country’s problems;

(c) To encourage and facilitate the active participation of the domestic and foreign sectors in furnishing financial, technical and other forms of assistance for the Foundation’s social welfare programs;

(d) To promote and encourage the dissemination of the results of its researches and studies in social sciences and humanities and to encourage their practical application to problems of the masses;

(e) To establish, set up and/or maintain scholarships or professional chairs in order to foster, promote and encourage the study and improvement of fundamental or pure research, applied research, developmental work and/or economic evaluation in the fields of social sciences or humanities;

(f) To establish parks and recreation centers for the promotion of tourism in this country; and

(g) To construct, improve, enlarge or equip or to cause the building, improvement, enlarging or equipping of buildings, libraries, laboratories, workshops or other educational accessories, required for scientific research; to establish, maintain, or aid others to establish or maintain institutions doing research of all kinds in the fields of social sciences and humanities.

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