About GAD

Gender and Development (GAD) is a development perspective that recognizes the different roles, interests, and needs of women and men. It is removing explicit, implicit, actual, and potential gender biases in the organizations and in programs/projects/ activities of those who are concerned with development. The goal is to make gender equality a fundamental value in development choices and institutional practice.


The Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development 1995 – 2025

“The Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development (PPGD) rests on a vision of development that is equitable, sustainable, free from violence, respectful of human rights, supportive of self-determination and the actualization of human potentials, and participatory empowering. It places people at the center and aims to make development work for all groups. However, it recognizes that discrimination exists on the basis of gender, class, and ethnicity. In the light of historical gender equalities and inequities, it puts greater emphasis on women as a disadvantaged group.”

RA 7192 “Women in Development and Nation-Building Act”

An act promoting the integration of women as full and equal partners of men in development and nation-building and for other purposes.

RA 9710 The Magna Carta of Women

The Magna Carta of Women is comprehensive women’s human rights law that seeks to eliminate discrimination against women by recognizing, protecting, fulfilling, and promoting the rights of Filipino women, especially those in the marginalized sector.